Our skating sessions run on the hour and are 45 minutes long. The 15-minute interval between sessions is used to monitor the ice and resurface if required.

If you have pre-booked your skating tickets online, you can take them straight to skate exchange. We advise arriving at the skate exchange to get your skates at least 30 minutes before your session during busy times.

To ensure you receive your full 45 minutes on the ice, you need to allow plenty of time to collect your skates and to ensure they are fitted correctly. If you need any assistance fitting your skates, please speak to a member of staff.

There is no minimum age, however small children must be able to walk confidently unassisted and be capable of supporting themselves on the skating aids.

There is no spectate fee, why not enjoy the wonderful offerings on the guild square as well as our fabulous Christmas market

Yes. We have a limited number of skating aids that are available to hire (on a first come first serve basis) on the day from the Box Office, charged at £4 each. Skating aids are for children 1.4m and under. If you are unsure of their height, please use the measuring sign available next to the Box Office before purchasing.

Skate hire is included in the ticket price.

Our skates go from a baby size 4 (double bladed skate) up to an adult size 15. If your child is child size 9 or below, please ensure they have a good pair of shoes with them for the double-bladed skate to clip over.

Yes. Skate hire is included in your ticket price but you are welcome to wear your own hockey or figure skates. Your shoes can be stored at the skate exchange or in the lockers at the venue.

Even though we are under cover, the ice rink can be very cold so we suggest warm clothing, gloves and a good pair of thick socks!

This is a municipal ice rink and caters for all ages and abilities. The ice rink is not for professional use, and as such, skating at speed, skating backwards, tricks and acrobatic manoeuvres are not permitted. This is for the safety of all skaters.

Yes, the ice rink is real ice which is created using our rapid freeze technology. The ice rink is a municipal temporary rink, and as such is not intended for professional use. The ice surface is checked between each session for quality and safety, and if necessary resurfaced. The ice can either be dry or wet and both types are perfectly suitable for skating. During busy sessions, the ice surface can become rutted due to the action of skating. Please ensure that you are skating in a suitable manner, always keeping a lookout for ice conditions and other skaters.

No. Climatic conditions can cause wet ice. Calm cold days should mean the surface will remain dry. Wind across the surface of the ice causes friction, which warms the ice surface, resulting in a wet surface on top of the ice. There is a clear roof canopy over the ice rink to prevent closure by rain. If the ice surface is wet, this does not make it unsafe to skate on, although you may get wet if you fall over. Please remember that ice, by its very nature, is a slippery surface, and that slips, and falls do happen.

The ice rink is wheelchair friendly. Manual wheelchairs are permitted on the ice with a competent person pushing, the person assisting on the ice Gains entry for free. Electric Wheelchairs are not permitted on the ice due to control issues.

We don’t provide skating lessons but we can point you in the right direction if you’d like some!

The skate blade is sharpened to a certain hollow profile and does not present as a sharp-edged blade. This profile offers more grip/bite on the ice and is best for a municipal ice rink. All our skates have been professionally sharpened and are regularly checked and inspected.