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Alpine ice rinks are experts in the Installation, design and management of Temporary winter ice rinks. Our Extensive Knowledge and specialist Equipment Guarantee the Highest standard skating experience at any location.

We offer tailored Packages to include everything your event might need from a fully functional skate hire, Temporary Marquees, Bespoke Lighting as well as skating aids.

Our highly skilled team of ice engineers offer you the ability to best tailor your winter experience to ensure your customers have the best time possible

Here at Alpine Ice Rinks we can manufacture epdm, aluminium or plastic (Polyethylene) pipe tubing systems to suit the requirements of the installation.

Our team of specialists, many of whom have owned and operated their own rinks, are on hand to advise on the best solutions available to build you a first class ice arena. We build our future on yours as we aim to achieve long effective working relationships.


Types of piping

Plastic HD PE Piping in sand or concrete
Used in permanent installations embedded in sand or concrete and pro touring rink systems.


Best suited for mobile rink systems.


It is essential that real ice rinks have adequate insulation between the ice piping and the ground underneath. The insulation layer must be of adequate thickness and must be able to accept the load of the ice. We use Styrofoam insulation for its load bearing and insulating properties.

Permafrost Heating

It is essential that some form of permafrost prevention system is in place, a heat pad or air gap is required to prevent the ground beneath the rink from freezing.

Dasher boards & Barrier systems

Our custom designed barrier system manufactured from galvanised steel to suit the requirements of your rink, or Dasher

Available services

  • EDPM pipe systems
  • Aluminium pipe systems
  • Plastic pipe systems
  • Chiller sales, installation & maintenance.
  • Barrier design, manufacture & maintenance.
  • Low e ceilings
  • Air handling & Dehumidifying
  • Ice painting & logos
  • Hire skates
  • Benches
  • Rubber matting
  • Sound & Lighting installation and maintenance
  • CCTV Systems
  • Management services